Monday, February 18, 2013

April 2013 #ReadPawty

I hope everyone enjoyed the last #readpawty. I know I did.

For our next book, we decided to pick anything we want to read from James Herriott. His books are easy to find just about anywhere. You can buy them from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You can borrow them from the library. If you have a kindle, you can borrow them from or I'm sure there are similar sites for Nooks.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, April 9, at 8PM ET.  I'd like to have a list of books ready a fewof weeks ahead of time for people to look at and choose from to make picking our June book easier. Please leave your suggestions in the comments and I'll make a list with links to the books about 3 weeks before our next #readpawty.

Happy reading!

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