Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anipal Bookclubs - Proposal

Did you know that there is another anipal bookclub, #AnipalBC ? It was originally started by @Oz_the_Terrier and is now being coordinated by @theGObros. I believe that GO comes up with a title and the anipals read it. they don't have a regular meeting like #Readpawty, but discuss it on Twitter when there they bump into each other. I googled anipalBC and found twitter references, but no blog.

After the April #readpawty, there was interest from AnipalBC to merge with readpawty. I said that we look forward to our meetings to chat about books and would like to keep our format. It was proposed that we have 2 books, one of general interest and one related to anipals in some manner.

I can see this working. We keep our meeting, discuss whatever book(s)we want then on to have our book chat afterparty. Everyone is invited. We can also talk about whatever book(s)whenever we find each other on line. No pressure to get any book completed. The AnipalBC seems to have a lot of dogs while readpawty is mainly cats with occasional dogs popping in. This would be a great way to get more folks involved with a great interchange of ideas.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment so we can all see or contact me privately if you would rather.


August #Readpawty

The book for August is "Animals Make Us Human" by Temple Grandin. I wanted to get that book choice out early. Although this is a fascinating read, Temple is a bit dry and can take a while to get through.

Here are links for the book:

Barnes and Noble

August #Readpawty will be August 13 at 8 pm ET.

Be there with bells on your collar! I think a cooling nip and watermelon feast will be in order!

June #Readpawty

For June we have decided to try something different. Before I forget, meeting will be June 11 at 8pm ET.

Anipals are encouraged to read a book, any book. Write a paragraph about that book and send it to me before June 9. maggietkat at yahoo dot com. I will post all the synopsis ASAP for all to read. We will discuss the books we have read.

Do not be concerned if you don't get a book read. You can participate in the discussions!

If we all read a different book, then we will have lots of recommendations for the next book we pick up. I think it is a great idea, proposed by our very talented Pumpkinpuddy.

See you all then!