Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanks to PR Mason!

We all had a great time when PR Mason stopped by #readpawty December 12, 2011! She told us about her characters, how she got her ideas, about Savannah, GA, and even talked about publishing. It was a great time!

A sequel to "Entanglements" is planned for a February 2012 launch. Stay tuned!

February Book

The book for our February 13, 2012 meeting is "Confessions of a Catnip Junkie" by Allan Goldstein. The paperback new is $17 and change. You can find used copies of the book through Amazon. Barnes and Noble do not have an ebook. However, there is a version for the Kindle for $3.99. I strongly encourage you to utilize your local library to see if there is an e-version you can borrow or a hard copy you can get through interlibrary loan.


Barnes and Noble