Book Swap List Instructions

Follow the link to the book swap list. We currently have three lists there: books you might like to read, books available to borrow, and members.

The borrowing list has the title, author, who owns the book, who has it out currently, and others who may be waiting to read it. To borrow a book on the list contact the book's owner and s/he'll send you the book. When you're done, send it back to the owner or send it to whoever else might be waiting to read it (with the owner's permission). Please copy on all emails so we can keep the list up to date.

To keep things simple while we get our feet wet we're only going to list books that have been read or are coming up next for #readpawty. We'd also appreciate if everyone would only give us a few books to list. We have so many members we can easily get overwhelmed with entries to start out with.

That's it for now. This page will be updated as we figure out what we're doing, what works, what doesn't, and as we get suggestions for making things work better.