Monday, December 17, 2012

February 2013 #ReadPawty

Sorry the last #readpawty was a bit of a bust. My fault entirely. *embarrassed* I promise to do better next time. I set an alarm so I wouldn't forget when it is.

"So when is it?", I bet you're asking yourselves. The next #readpawty is Tuesday, February 12, at 8 PM ET. The book that was chosen is Julia's Cats by Patricia Barey and Therese Burson. There were several requests for it, plus I thought it would be a nice short book to read over the holiday season.

After reading other pals book reviews and comparing them to mine, I realize how bad I am at reviewing books. But since this is a book club blog, we really should be posting reviews of the books we read. So I'd like to once again invite you to submit reviews to the blogs not only of books we've read for #readpawty, but other books you're reading, too. Send your reviews with all pertinent pictures and links to pumpkinpuddy at pumpkinpuddy dot com, and I'll format them and post them. This is your blog. Please don't be shy about contributing to it!

Have a great holiday season everyone! See you in February (if not before)

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  1. My book won't be here for another 10 days yet I guess. They must be delivering is via pony express this time. Looks like a good book tho and I can't wait to start it.