Monday, April 29, 2013

June 2013 #Readpawty

Hi Pals! I hope you can join us for the next #readpawty on Tuesday, June11. We're reading No Buddy Left Behind by Terri Crisp and Cynthia Hurn. Mom read this one on the plane flying back from Meowsachewsits. It's a good thing she always carries tissues with her - this one will have you eyes leaking like a faucet! Hers sure did!

I'd like to create a page where pals can suggest books to read. I can't decide whether to do separate ones for pet books and not pet books, or just one page. Also can't decide how to make it work. Maybe a page with a Goodreads widget? But would that allow multiple pals to post to it? Not sure I want to have all the suggestions emailed to me for me to post. I'd like to design something where pals can add the books themselves, but I can remove anything inappropriate (like if someone snuck a naughty book on the list). Not that I have anything against naughty books, but this isn't the forum for them. MOL! Anyway, if you got any ideas, send them to readpawty at gmail dot com.

See you next #readpawty!


  1. We have bought the book, but haven't started reading it yet. Will get it done by the next #readpawty tho.

  2. Got the electronic version just now and will have read it by Tuesday for sure! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.