Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Book

In honor of the beloved author Lilian Jackson Braun, I have chosen the first book in her "cat who" series for the August #readpawty. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

Here are some links about Ms. Braun:
Obituary in NY Times

I have chosen only one book because everyone is busy in the summer. However, I challenge you to come up with another book, and it does not have to be anipal related. I will compile a list and chose one of your recommendations.

the June meeting is June 13, Monday, at 8 pm EDT.

The next meeting will be august 13, Monday at 8 pm EDT.

See you all there! Publicize the pawty to keep us active!



  1. We love The Cat Who... books. Right now we're reading Water for Elephants. I think that would make a good #readpawty book.

  2. I wish I could read.
    Readin backwards wd be gr8, but I gotta master readin furwards furst.
    WeK ;-)