Monday, November 22, 2010

Books Chosen for February 2011 #ReadPawty

We have 2 choices for the deep winter months. A great mystery, "Dog on It" by Spencer Quinn, and "Dewey's Nine Lives" by vivki Myron. I have reviewed them for the Anipal Times. Excertps from my reviews are below:

“Dog on It”
Let’s get this straight upfront. I am a cat who doesn’t care for dogs. Mom brought home “Dog on It” by Spencer Quinn from Barkworld 2010, and all I could do was glare. A DOG book. I read the first page, and didn’t put it down. The book is told from the point of view of Chet, the dog, who brings a new meaning to hard-boiled detective lingo. He’s seems to be well trained, but didn’t pass the police dog exam due to some squirrel. Chet is absolutely loveable, his narration witty, and exhibits dog qualities such as not realizing he is barking until called on it. His human, Bernie, is a private investigator with a cash-flow problem, but a big heart and strong ethics.

"Dewey's Nive Lives"
When a best-selling author writes another book in the same genre, one never knows what to expect. In this case, Vicki Myron's second offering, "Dewey's Nine Lives" (D9L), is every bit as wonderful as "Dewey". "D9L" is a set of nine short stories that show the strength of the cat/human bond, the healing of each other.

There should be copies of "Dog on It" available to borrow from Barkworld 2010 attendees. I was able to "D9L" in our library.

Hope to see you for the February meeting, 2nd Monday, 2011 when we discuss these books!


  1. YAY - M said she'll put those on her Christmas list. Both look like good reads. You've been right on with books so far.

  2. Mom has been wanting to read both of these books-now she has a reason to jump on them!