Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BOOKY REVIEW: Big Honey Dog Mystery: Curse of the Scarab courtesy of Boris Kitty

It's been a long time since I posted to the blog, but I'm finding that Goodreads has been working really well for organizing #readpawty. This is still a good place to post book reviews, and I've got one for you today courtesy of @boriskitty and his blog, Boris Kitty – 4 Paws for a Cause.

Curse of the Scarab"Scooby Doo isn’t da only Great Dane that can solve mysteries! Honey is a big, sweet, slobbery Dane with a sense of adventure and a nose for mysteries. In her first book she teams up with her dog park pals to defeat somefin dark and evil dat is stealing puppies!
I like how da book tries to break the Pit Bull stereotype and makes dem out to be da big smoochie dogs dey are. I wasn’t so sure about da treatment of cats in da book at first but at least, unlike Hollywood, we are not made out to be the bad guys either (we may even be thought of as superior to the doggies, but I digress).

I don’t wanna gib too much away. It is a good book and I think you will enjoy it no matter how old u are.

Here is the pawficial book description and info on the author and her website. Sadly, da real life Honey did cross over the rainbow bridge dis past January, but herz will live on in all our imaginations with this wunnerful book series. I am told book two is also available now (just came out last week I believe).

Big Honey Dog Mystery: Curse of the Scarab Book Description:  All Honey the Great Dane ever wanted was a peaceful life – walking her human, checking Peemail at the park – but when neighborhood puppies start disappearing, life takes a sinister turn. Why are dead scarab beetles found after each disappearance? Do the strange markings on a gravestone really spell out an ancient Egyptian curse? And what about Max, the Pit Bull with a murky past, who seems to be hiding secrets of his own…can Honey risk everything and trust him or will it cost her the chance to save the puppies?

Website: and facebook:

Disclaimer: I wuz given an ebook by da publisher to read n review. All da opinions r my own. Affer all, hab u ever tried to force an opinion (or anyfin fur dat matter) on a cat? I dare u try n make a cat do or say) anyfin it doz not wanna do!"

Thank you Boris, for your excellent review and for allowing me to post it here.

Don't forget, our next #readpawty meeting is April 8 at 8PM ET. See you then!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

August 2013 #Readpawty

OMC! I can't believe I forgot to get this posted in a timely manner. I guess summer's made me lazy. MOL.

Last #readpawty we discovered that as much as we liked what the people in No Buddy Left Behind did, the book itself was a tough read. I promise you the next book is better because I've already read it!

Our next #readpawty date is Tuesday, August 13 at 8 PM ET. The book we've chosen to read is The Case of Jack the Nipper.  It's a murder mystery with two unusual sleuths - a dog and a cat. They're sort of an animal Holmes & Watson. I think this is one we'll all enjoy - I know I did and can't wait to read about their next adventure!
Don't forget about our new GoodReads Group. It's a great place for us to share what we're reading with each other. Please don't limit what you share to just books about animals. We're all looking for good stuff to read about everything! Also, I've updated the page of books we've already read for #readpawty. Please let me know if I missed anything.
Hope to see you at the next #readpawty. Until then, happy reading!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Suggestion page is up and running!

Great news pals! The new #readpawty Suggestion Page is up and running and ready for your suggestions.

I set up a GoodReads group for us called, what else, Anipals Read! You will need a GoodReads account. Then you can join the group and add the books you'd like to suggest.  I've added a couple to get us started.

Can't wait to see what you all suggest. Happy reading!

Monday, April 29, 2013

June 2013 #Readpawty

Hi Pals! I hope you can join us for the next #readpawty on Tuesday, June11. We're reading No Buddy Left Behind by Terri Crisp and Cynthia Hurn. Mom read this one on the plane flying back from Meowsachewsits. It's a good thing she always carries tissues with her - this one will have you eyes leaking like a faucet! Hers sure did!

I'd like to create a page where pals can suggest books to read. I can't decide whether to do separate ones for pet books and not pet books, or just one page. Also can't decide how to make it work. Maybe a page with a Goodreads widget? But would that allow multiple pals to post to it? Not sure I want to have all the suggestions emailed to me for me to post. I'd like to design something where pals can add the books themselves, but I can remove anything inappropriate (like if someone snuck a naughty book on the list). Not that I have anything against naughty books, but this isn't the forum for them. MOL! Anyway, if you got any ideas, send them to readpawty at gmail dot com.

See you next #readpawty!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Duplicity Dogged The Dachshund by Blaize Clement

Here's the second of three book reviews by guest blogger, Amy Palmer. It's 'Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund' by Blaize Clement.

"Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund is the second installment in the Dixie Hemingway Mystery series by the late Blaize Clement. In the series, Dixie, a former law enforcement officer is now a pet sitter in Sarasota, Florida. During her pet sitting duties, she finds herself discovering dead bodies and subsequently involved in the investigation.

In this installment, Dixie is walking a dachshund when the dog finds a body. Dixie is once again in the middle of the case, at times alongside Lieutenant Guidry who is handsome and a bit mysterious. Dixie, not able to fully escape her law enforcement past, begins asking questions and ends up in the sights of a psychopathic killer.

I enjoyed this book a bit more than the first. I felt like Dixie's character was changing a bit and for the better. She was becoming more aware of how she was running away from people emotionally. Toward the end, there were definite improvements in her outlook on life. I hope that this positive change carries on to the next book.

Speaking of the next book, I plan on reading the entire series. There is going to be one more Dixie Hemingway Mystery published (the seventh installment) that Ms. Clement wrote before her passing. After that, it is planned that her son will carry on the series."

Pumpkin here. If you haven't read any of the Pet Sitter series, you should read them. They're lots of fun! I've read the first six books and can't wait to read the seventh!

Reminder - the next #readpawty is next Tuesday, April 9. See you then!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet by Gary Kowalski

We have a special guest blogger - @seabasscat's mom, Amy Palmer. She submitted three book reviews for us to enjoy. The first book is Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet by Gary Kowalski.

I decided to read Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet by Gary Kowalski first thing this year. I lost my dear kitty Sebastian last June and have had a very hard time dealing with the grief. I wanted to start the new year with a fresh look at the loss and try to move on.

I'm so glad I read this book. It helped me put things into perspective about my loss. Mr. Kowalski talks about the cycle of life in a way that helped me accept things. He also spoke about the afterlife, which put my mind at ease.

There is a section of readings at the end of the book that can be used in a memorial ceremony for a deceased pet. They vary in length and style. Some are biblical passages and some are quotes from books. Whatever your religious views, you should find something that fits your needs.

I would suggest this book for anyone who has lost a beloved pet. This is also a book that I would consider gifting to a friend who is dealing with this type of loss. The book is short. I read it in just a couple of hours. It's a book that I know I will read again sometime in the future, as our pets just don't live as long as we would like.

Thank you Amy! I think this is an impawtant book for us all to know about. Sometimes humans just need help coping when we cross the bridge. It's good to know there are sources out there to help them.

There are two more book reviews coming up. I hope you'll read them all.

Monday, February 18, 2013

April 2013 #ReadPawty

I hope everyone enjoyed the last #readpawty. I know I did.

For our next book, we decided to pick anything we want to read from James Herriott. His books are easy to find just about anywhere. You can buy them from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You can borrow them from the library. If you have a kindle, you can borrow them from or I'm sure there are similar sites for Nooks.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, April 9, at 8PM ET.  I'd like to have a list of books ready a fewof weeks ahead of time for people to look at and choose from to make picking our June book easier. Please leave your suggestions in the comments and I'll make a list with links to the books about 3 weeks before our next #readpawty.

Happy reading!