Wednesday, October 10, 2012

December #Readpawty

Howdy all! Wasn't last #readpawty pawsome? @Seabasscat is going to write a review of 'Kitty Cornered' for his blog and is going to let me post it here, too.

I don't know what happened to the poll I had on the side, but I do remember from the last time I saw it that the concesus was that we stick to animal books.

The next #readpawty will be Monday, December 10. There were a lot of good suggestions for books for next time. As usual, most of them were cat books. @GizmoGeodog suggested a dog book: 'I'm Listening With a Broken Ear', so I thought we'd give that book a try. If you have Amazon Prime and a Kindle, you can borrow it for free! You can also borrow it via or For those you don't need a Kindle, just a Kindle app. I'm sure there are similar sites for Nook.

A lot of people wanted to read 'A Street Cat Named Bob', and a lot of us have already read it. So I thought we could discuss that next time, too. I really enjoyed it and when I get chance, I'm going to post a review.

We also discussed moving #readpawty back to Tuesdays. I'd like to know how pals feel about that. It would definitely make things easier for @mariodacat. If pals decide that Tuesday is better, we'd make the change in February.

Speaking of February #readpawty, there have been lots of requests for us to read Julia's Cats. It's a nice short book and I think that would be a great one to read over the holidays for February. Maybe we could find another really short book (not about cats) to pair with it.

I guess I'm leaving you all with a lot to think about, so I'll stop now. See you on twitter!