Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools

My pal, @StephenFrysCat, knows I love to read so he gave me a book and asked me to review it. The name of it was so funny I said yes. It's called Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools and was written by Victoria Twead. She and her husband, Joe, lived in England and Victoria was tired of rain and cold and wanted to move to sunny Spain, so they decided on a 5 year experiment to see how they liked it. This book is about that experiment.

They found a house in a small town in the Andalusian mountains. The house was a wreck and they had to restore it. They had hard times and good times, met lots of interesting people, made some very excellent friends, tried all kinds of new things, and had wonderful adventures. There was lots of trials and tribulations. But there were also lots of wonderful days. 

This book will make you laugh and cry, sometimes both at the same time. The book is a fun read. It's also peppered with yummy recipes, both Spanish and English. Mom's not much of a cook so we didn't try any of them, but they looked nommy.

The book is available as a paperbook or several formats of eBook, so no matter how you like to read, there's a version you'll want.

I give this book a paws up.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Books for April #ReadPawty

We have a number of very talented anipals who write books. I want to feature these books, and since most are short, I will list them all. I believe the list is complete, but could have overlooked one. If I did, bring it to my attention and I will add it ASAP. Cheshire Kittern. "Please Send Money" Available: Henry and Friends. "Welcom to my Werld" Available: Max the Quilt Cat. "Zen of Max" Available: through Amazon. Pumpkinpuddy. "Summer at the Lake with Petie" Available: Imajackrussell. 2 books about Precious the Dog's adventures. Available: There are a couple more that I will save for later. I have most of the anipals' books and will be willing to share.
I decided to add one more book. This book isn't by or about an anipal, but is closely connected to @stephenfryscat. It's called Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools. It's by Victoria Twead and is about her moving from England to Spain. The link goes to a review of the book by Pumpkinpuddy. You can get the book here.

February #ReadPawty and More

February 14th is approaching! I didn't realize that I had chosen such a time honored date when we decided to to pick the 2nd Monday of the month. If your humans would prefer a different date for our February meeting, let me know ASAP!

The books we are discussing in February are Spencer Quinn's "Dog on It" and Vicki Myron's "Dewey's Nine Lives". I will look for questions and post them here closer to the date.

I hope to have more dogs at the #ReadPawty since attendees at BarkWorld received the Quinn novel. Anything you guys can do to help publicize would be great.

I received some gifts from Garth Stein's publicist which are buttons and bookmarks. contact me if you are interested.

See you in February!